Crypto trading is growing in popularity exponentially, and traders, both novice and professional, are increasingly looking for platforms that can help them with their market entry. They’re looking for an easy platform to buy crypto, trade and efficiently manage their portfolio.

To solve this, we are bringing real-world technologies and solutions to the crypto market to redefine the way investors buy crypto, get into trades and manage their crypto assets. Here is a look at how we are implementing new and emerging technologies into the TeraBlock ecosystem to try and take the hassle and stress out of managing your portfolio.

Machine Learning

In the past few months, cryptocurrencies have been taking sporadic beatings, with several big-name cryptos plummeting to more than 50 per cent since April. Including Bitcoin, which lost nearly 50% of its value. Dogecoin shed 60% of its worth and Etherium, which has lost over 50% of its value.

The crypto crash was followed by months of negative press, including Tesla pulling out its support for bitcoin and China cracking down on cryptocurrency mining.

The crypto downturn reverberated across crypto markets, with many investors becoming concerned about their investments. Many novice investors became confused by the press surrounding the highly…

Interest in cryptocurrencies and altcoins surged this year, with investors, both novice and veteran, dipping their toes in the $1.27 trillion industry to make a profit and secure their financial freedom. Institutional investors with cryptocurrency portfolios are also popping up, as the crypto market continues to be profitable for both short and long-term investors.

However, the playing field has never been level, and novice traders looking to get their hands on crypto investments are met with roadblocks at every step of the way. …

ANALYSIS: Cryptocurrency Inflation Records At Highest Jump

The debate on crypto versus fiat seemed to have been settled after the recent crypto crash, leading some people to question cryptocurrency viability for day-to-day usage due to their volatility. The recent crash was compounded by a stream of negative crypto media coverage in response to businesses taking a step back from crypto. Specifically, Tesla pulling out of plans that would have seen cryptocurrencies become an acceptable mode of payment.

For a long time, cryptocurrencies are perceived by many digital-asset investors as a viable hedge against inflation. However, a recent report from the…

TeraBlock strives to be at the centre of new and emerging technologies looking to shape how cryptocurrencies are traded and bringing more people into the crypto space. Our machine learning and personalized cryptocurrency portfolio management solutions to help traders manage their digital assets remain second to none in the industry.

However, our latest partnership move offers a glimpse of what the platform holds for the future. …

What is ChainSwap?

ChainSwap is a cross-chain bridging solution used by projects to swap tokens between Ethereum and Binance chain primarily. ChainSwap has been one of the leading bridging solutions in the crypto space, and a lot of projects have integrated their bridge for the interchain token swap.

How did the exploit happen?

On July 11, 2021, the cross-chain bridge project Chainswap’s smart contract got exploited. The hackers were able to identify and exploit a vulnerability in Chainswap’s platform smart contract through which they were able to steal crypto-assets valued at over $4 Million.

TeraBlock was the least affected project in this exploit. …

El contrato inteligente del socio de puente de tokens de TeraBlock, ChainSwap, se explotó hoy. Los proyectos que se han asociado con ellos para conectar tokens entre Ethereum y Binance Smart Chain se vieron afectados, incluido TeraBlock. A continuación se muestra un análisis detallado de lo que sucedió y cuál es nuestro curso de acción.

Detalles del exploit de ChainSwap

El sábado 10 de julio, alrededor de las 8 pm GMT, los atacantes explotaron los contratos de ChainSwap y encontraron un exploit que afectó a los proyectos que usaban ChainSwap como puente entre ETH y BSC.

Sin embargo, nos gustaría…

TeraBlock token bridge partner ChainSwap’s smart contract was exploited earlier today. Projects that have partnered with them to bridge tokens between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain were affected, including TeraBlock. Below is a detailed analysis of what happened and what our course of action is moving forward.

ChainSwap Exploit Details

On Saturday, July 10th, at around 8 pm GMT, attackers exploited ChainSwap’s contracts and found an exploit that affected projects using ChainSwap as a bridge between ETH and BSC.

However, we would like to re-inform our community that Hacken has thoroughly audited the TeraBlock token contracts, and the audit report…

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TeraBlock se complace en anunciar su asociación con UniFarm para brindar una emocionante oportunidad de participación para todos los poseedores de TBC. UniFarm es un protocolo DeFi que ofrece un enfoque de farming innovador que permite que un grupo de proyectos se unan para crear un grupo de recompensas combinado.

TeraBlock será parte de la Cohort 14 de UniFarm con otros cuatro proyectos. Los usuarios pueden hacer stake deTBC y ganar tokens como recompensa de los cinco proyectos de la cohort.

Proyectos Cohort 14:

  • TeraBlock (TBC)
  • UniFarm (UFARM)
  • GamyFi (GFX)
  • Wall Street Bets (WSB)
  • Peanut (NUX)




TeraBlock is the simplest solution to buy & easily manage crypto assets with the help of Machine Learning based trade automation.

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