TeraBlock’s Roadmap: ReDeFining User Onboarding and Cross-chain Interoperability

6 min readOct 24, 2023


As we embark on another transformative year at TeraBlock, we’re thrilled to unveil our roadmap for the upcoming phases. Your unwavering support and feedback have been the cornerstone of our journey, and today, we present a roadmap packed with exciting updates and product launches scheduled for the coming months.

From the game-changing zkCross (Previously known as Swidge) Protocol that marries the simplicity of Web2 with the robustness of Web3 to the ICP integration promising unparalleled on-chain experiences, we’re setting the stage for groundbreaking innovations.

Our focus on frictionless DeFi onboarding, the power-packed Unified SDK, and the revolutionary Wallet Abstraction are all geared towards simplifying and enhancing user interactions. As we transition to a DAO, we’re taking community engagement and decentralised governance to new heights. And with the much-anticipated launch of the CROSS Token, we’re introducing a new era of enhanced power and enriched incentives within the TeraBlock Cross-Chain Ecosystem.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dive into our roadmap to discover the exciting milestones we’ve set for ourselves, and join us on this exhilarating journey as we reshape the DeFi landscape.


  • zkCrossDEX: A network of zero-knowledge cross-chain decentralised exchanges being developed across major blockchain platforms. Each zkCrossDEX, powered by advanced technologies like MPC, addresses critical DeFi challenges such as transactional privacy and front-running, offering a seamless, secure and intuitive trading experience.
  • zkCross Protocol: Experience the simplicity of Web2 with the power of Web3, all automated by one-click zkCross (Formerly known as Swidge — (Swap + Bridge) protocol. No learning curve, just seamless transactions.
  • Frictionless DeFi Onboarding: Seamless transactions from 140+ fiats to any crypto on any blockchain through a single streamlined flow.
  • Unified SDK: Powerful All-in-one SDK to simplify user onboarding for DApps by easy SDK integration.
  • ICP Integration: We’re thrilled to announce integration with ICP to bring a fully on-chain experience. Get ready for unmatched security, transparency, and innovation as we take a giant leap forward!
  • Wallet Abstraction: Revolutionising the user experience through one-click account creation, abstracting the complexities of Web3 wallets and making interactions simpler.
  • Transition to DAO: Aiming for more inclusive and decentralised governance, enhancing community participation.
  • CROSS Token: Experience enhanced power with the upcoming CROSS token, fortified with DAO Governance and enriched incentives in the TeraBlock Cross-Chain Ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement Airdrop: Rewarding community engagement with the CROSS Airdrops. Interact with the TeraBlock CROSS platform to qualify. More details are coming soon!

We are excited to announce that we will be transforming towards a DAO with a commitment to community-driven innovation. The DAO will be powered by the all-new CROSS Token, which will take over the current TBC token and be Airdropped to all token holders. A more detailed announcement will be shared before the launch.

We invite you to explore our updated roadmap and join us in this exciting phase of transformation and growth.

TeraBlock 2024 Roadmap

Q3 2023

✅️️️️️️️ TeraBlock V2 Launch: Try your seamless DeFi Onboarding User experience using the link below:


✅️️️️️️️ UI/UX V2 Launch: A revamped user interface and experience crafted with precision and user-centricity.

✅️️️️️️️ Mobile Version Relaunch: Empowering users with on-the-go access, ensuring you’re always connected to the DeFi pulse.

✅️️️️️️️ New Chains Integration: With Tezos and AVAX now integrated, our ecosystem is more diverse and robust than ever.

✅️️️️️️️ Widget Launch: A new tool simplifying crypto transactions, bridging the gap between fiat and crypto.

Q4 2023

ICP Integration: We have transitioned our core bridge event watchers to ICP canisters, enhancing security and transaction efficiency. This strategic move strengthens TeraBlock’s security framework.

zkCross (Swidge) Partnerships: We have partnered with Genesis League Sports GLS to integrate the zkCross (Swidge Protocol) to enable seamless asset transfers from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and AVAX to GLS on HIVE.

zkCrossDEX - L1 & L2 Alliances: TeraBlock has partnered with multiple L1 and L2 Blockchains to develop and deploy zkCrossDEX on these blockchains for seamless liquidity transfers. Currently, we’re developing the zkCrossDEX for Partisia and HIVE Blockchains with many more in the pipeline.

Strategic Partnerships: We have entered into strategic partnerships with Foundership and Web3Space to provide technology support to their Web3 Startups who will be able to utilise TeraBlock’s DeFi Instrastructure-as-a-Service to build Web3 dApps.

🔜 CROSS Funding Roadmap Release: TeraBlock will launch the CROSS token funding roadmap for the upcoming CROSS Token Sale.

Q1 2024

Wallet Abstraction: Simplifying use onboarding and opening the Web3 space for everyone by integrating Wallet Abstraction to Swidge unified onboarding flow.

Cross-Chain Liquidity Farming: Harnessing the power of multiple chains to offer enhanced farming opportunities across any blockchains.

New Chains Integration (Non-EVM): Broadening our offerings by integrating with non-EVM chains, further diversifying our ecosystem.

zkCrossDEX Launch - Phase 1: The zkCrossDEX Phase 1 will be launched allowing anyone to seamlessly swap and bridge native assets across multiple blockchains.

Community Engagement: An exciting new era begins! Buy, Swap and Bridge assets across multiple blockchains to become eligible for the CROSS token airdrop. Every interaction increases your chance of receiving the CROSS token airdrop.

Cross Strategic & Private Round: The CROSS token Strategic and Private round sale begins.

Q2 2024

Chain Agnostic Liquidity Network: A unified liquidity network, ensuring seamless transactions across blockchains.

Community Liquidity Staking: Empowering the community to stake and earn rewards, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration.

CROSS Public Round & TGE: Introducing the future of our ecosystem, designed for growth, utility, and DAO governance.

zkCrossDEX Launch - Phase 2: Phase 2 of the zkCrossDEX will be launched with Fiat-to-Crypto On-ramps allowing users to directly onboard to DeFi and buy any assets directly on-chain via their bank cards.

CROSS Staking Program: Rewarding our loyal community members, ensuring they become a part of our growth.

Q3 2024

zkCrossDEX Launch — Phase 3: Phase 3 of the zkCrossDEX will be launched with Wallet Abstraction and support for all major Blockchain Networks for a truly interoperable DeFi Experience.

Governance Framework: Laying the foundation for a transparent, community-driven DAO future.

DAO Governance Protocols: Establishing protocols to ensure smooth and efficient governance by the community.

DAO Test & Feedback: Engaging with the community to test our DAO model, ensuring it’s robust and efficient.

Smart Contracts Audit: Ensuring the utmost security and reliability of our smart contracts.

Coinslist Launch: One-Click Portfolio creation via CoinsList. Users can get exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies across any blockchain based on themes, categories and risk profiles in just One-Click.

Q4 2024

DAO Launch: The dawn of a new era, where you, our community, take the helm and steer our ship.

Community Proposals: Empowering you to have a say in our future, ensuring we align with your vision.

DAO Treasury Establishment: Setting up a treasury to ensure our DAO's financial health and sustainability.

As we unveil this roadmap, the palpable energy is undeniable. The future beckons, and it’s luminous with promise. We’re not just on a journey; we’re on a quest to redefine the very essence of DeFi. And as we venture forth, know that every stride we take, every milestone we achieve, is a testament to our collective vision.

So, as we gear up for this exhilarating ride, we invite you to stay close, engaged and, most importantly, excited. Because at TeraBlock, the future isn’t just something we predict. It’s something we create together.

To infinity and beyond,
The TeraBlock Team

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It’s important to note that this Roadmap is a Work in Progress and will continue to be updated with important news and milestones.




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