TeraBlock 2.0: Simplifying your Crypto Journey with Innovative Features and a Powerful Interface

6 min readMar 14, 2023


TeraBlock’s mission from day one is to make crypto easily accessible to everyone, and the launch of the version 2 dashboard is a testament to that commitment. So whether you’re a seasoned DeFi user or a newbie, the TeraBlock platform has got you covered. So without further ado, let's dig in and explore what TeraBlock 2.0 has to offer.

Experience the future of Defi with TeraBlock 2.0, a smarter version that helps you take complete control of your crypto portfolio. It helps you take your first steps into the realm of crypto. TeraBlock automates the entire onboarding process, from creating your first digital wallet to buying your first Crypto, from swapping one Crypto to another to tracking the performance of your crypto investments.

TeraBlock’s enhanced dashboard puts every DeFi tool you need on a single, sleek interface at your fingertips. With beginner-focused applications and real-time data, you’ll have everything you need to make informed investment decisions.

TeraBlock Community gets Exclusive Access to Dashboard 2.0

The Long awaited TeraBlock dashboard is now live, and we’re giving exclusive access to our community members. To recognize the sustained support of our community, we’re giving token holders holding or staking more than 100K TBC direct access to the TeraBlock 2.0 Alpha version.

TeraBlock 2.0 is our Beginner-Focused and Intuitive Dashboard. Here are the Highlights:

The dashboard is a unified interface that aggregates different DeFi utilities into one single dashboard, making it easy to invest, buy, trade, swap, bridge, stake and track your crypto with just a few clicks. What’s more, TeraBlock is completely non-custodial and operates without acquiring any control over users’ funds, ensuring complete security and privacy. Here are the features that make TeraBlock’s 2.0 dashboard super useful for novice crypto users looking to start out in the crypto world.

Guided Defi On-Ramp

Once you Get Started, all you have to do is follow a guided process to create your digital wallet if you do not already have one to access the Dashboard. From helping you create a Metamask wallet to helping you build your decentralised crypto portfolio within minutes, the guided Defi on-ramp takes you through the complex onboarding processes in crypto without having to juggle multiple platforms.

TeraBlock CoinsList

CoinsList is our carefully selected portfolio of cryptocurrencies that reflects a theme, idea or goal. It exposes you to the most sought-after cryptocurrencies without requiring you to invest time and effort in learning about them.

TeraBlock Swidge

Swidge is the powerful multi-protocol automation that helps users buy, swap, bridge and transfer tokens from a multi-chain unified platform to a decentralised application (DApp) in just a few clicks.

TeraBlock Learn

TeraBlock Learn is a dedicated learning platform to help beginners understand the fundamental concepts of blockchain to kickstart their journey into the crypto ecosystem.

TeraBlock Wallet Manager

The TeraBlock Wallet Manager helps you Track multiple wallets across blockchains and get a unified overview of your entire Web3 wealth with the wallet manager. It lets you build, track and manage your Web3 portfolio from one powerful non-custodial DeFi tool.

TeraBlock Swap

TeraBlock Swap is an innovative multi-chain liquidity aggregator that allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another at the best rates in the market across multiple blockchains.

TeraBlock Buy

TeraBlock Buy lets you purchase a range of cryptocurrencies directly to your Web3 wallet with over 16 payment methods in 180 countries and more than 95 accepted fiat currencies.

TeraBlock Bridge

TeraBlock Bridge is a decentralised token routing solution providing interoperability between different blockchain networks. It applies a cross-network bridging technique to ensure the secure movement of tokens between blockchains. The multi-layered security and dual setup approach makes the integration between blockchains efficient and seamless.

TeraBlock Earn

Earn is a series of staking pools that allow you to earn a percentage rate reward over time simply by locking your idle TBC Tokens for the stipulated lock-in period.

TeraBlock 2.0 is a revolutionary platform that simplifies the process of investing, buying, trading, swapping, staking, and tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio. The new dashboard is beginner-friendly, intuitive, and user-centric, providing an all-in-one solution for both seasoned DeFi users and newcomers to the crypto world. With its innovative features and robust security measures, TeraBlock ensures that users retain full control over their funds, making it a trusted and reliable platform for crypto investments. Join the TeraBlock community today to experience the future of DeFi and take your first steps into the world of cryptocurrencies.

TeraBlock is Completely Non-Custodial

Nobody can suspend your wallet, freeze your money, or stop your transactions. You are always in control of your crypto! TeraBlock is a totally non-invasive platform that operates without acquiring any control over the users’ funds. Users retain their assets in their wallets, exercising complete control over them.

We’ve got an upcoming bug bounty program too

Through our Bug Bounty Program, we reach out to our community to help us improve by reporting bugs and suggesting changes. By doing so, you not only help us make TeraBlock better but also have the chance to earn TBC rewards through our bug bounty program.

TBC holders with more than 100K TBC will also be the first to test the platform and participate in our upcoming bug bounty program, which will help them earn more TBC tokens. We’re excited to offer this opportunity to our community members and look forward to seeing them earn more tokens. Details about the Bug Bounty program will follow soon.

We can’t wait for you to experience the 2.0 Alpha version of our dashboard. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to engage with our platform.

Whether you have a question about our products, features, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Telegram Community Chat.

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