Community Newsletter — December

3 min readDec 15, 2023


TeraBlock Community Newsletter — December
TeraBlock Community Newsletter — December

Hello TeraBlock Family!

As we step into December, we’re eager to share the significant progress and exciting developments we’ve achieved. It’s been a month filled with innovation, collaboration, and forward momentum, all thanks to your unwavering support. Let’s take a look at the key highlights.

Introducing The Revolutionary zkCrossDEX, Zero-Knowledge Cross-chain Decentralised Exchange

We’re revolutionising DeFi with our Zero Knowledge Cross-Chain Decentralised Exchanges (zkCrossDEX). This shift addresses major challenges in the multi-blockchain ecosystem, such as enhancing DeFi infrastructure, streamlining user adoption, increasing total value locked (TVL), and improving cross-chain interoperability and liquidity flow. Our zkCrossDEX initiative goes beyond technological innovation. It’s about making DeFi accessible, secure, and efficient for all, fostering a more inclusive financial future. We’re not just creating ripples, we’re driving a wave of transformative change!

TeraBlock x Partisia Blockchain Partnership Announcement
TeraBlock x Partisia Blockchain Partnership Announcement


  • Partisia Blockchain Grant: We’ve secured a grant to build zkCrossDEX on Partisia Blockchain! This is huge — think seamless interoperability, boosted liquidity, and a whole new level of user adoption.
  • ICP Grant: We’re moving our core bridge event watchers to ICP canisters making our bridges more secure and decentralised. This means better security and faster transactions for you.
  • HIVE Proposal: Our proposal for zkCrossDEX on HIVE Blockchain is active with enthusiastic community support. Phase 1 development is underway!
TeraBlock Dogami Bridge Launch — Ethereum <> Tezos < Polygon
TeraBlock Dogami Bridge Launch — Ethereum <> Tezos < Polygon

Dogami Bridge Launch

Our recent launch of cross-chain bridges for Dogami is a testament to our commitment to connecting worlds. We’ve linked Tezos, Polygon, and Ethereum, leading to a surge in Dogami’s DOGA token’s price by more than 400% in a month. Check out the full announcement here.

TeraBlock Swidge Launch for Genesis League Sports
TeraBlock Swidge Launch for Genesis League Sports

Up Next: Genesis League Sports (GLS)

Exciting times ahead as we gear up to launch specialised bridges and the Swidge protocol for Genesis League Sports (GLS), hosted on the HIVE blockchain. This integration marks a significant leap forward for play-to-earn platforms, setting new benchmarks in user experience and accessibility.

Looking Ahead

Our focus for the coming month includes:

  • Product Development: We’re on track to complete the first milestone for the ICP Grant and make significant progress on zkCrossDEX on Partisia and HIVE.
  • New Partnerships: We’re in talks to bring zkCrossDEX to even more blockchains. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

A Special Shoutout

A big thank you to our partners and collaborators who’ve been instrumental in our journey. Your insights, guidance, and support are invaluable.

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We’re working relentlessly to build the most interoperable, non-custodial Crypto Ecosystem and DeFi Infrastructure, and it wouldn’t happen without the support from our community, advisors, partners, and investors.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Your support and enthusiasm fuel our mission to revolutionise DeFi. Here’s to making history together! 🚀

Best regards,

Muhammad Ali

Chief Commercial Officer

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