The TeraBlock Bridge is Now Live

  • The bridge will pave the way for future collaborations with next-gen projects in the blockchain space, helping us provide sustained value to our users.
  • The TeraBlock Bridge also provides new opportunities to partner with developers and protocols building on different chains to use the bridge extension to route their assets between different networks.
  • The launch of the TeraBlock bridge was a significant milestone in the direction of creating a robust and utility-driven trading ecosystem.
  • We strongly believe that the TeraBlock Bridge will help us realize our goal of encouraging the mass adoption of crypto-trade among novice traders and mainstream investors alike.
  • With a suite of innovative DeFi products lined up for launch in the coming months, we are all set to ride the latest wave of change in finance.
  • The bridge leverages “cross-chain routing” technology to ensure the secure movement of tokens between different chains.
  • The TeraBlock Bridge was initially built to facilitate the convenient movement of ERC 20 tokens from the ETH network to the BSC network through an intricate burn-and-mint process at the backend. However, it can now be used to move multiple tokens across multiple blockchain networks.
  • The TeraBlock bridge will add a whole new layer of utility and functionality to our ecosystem. It facilitates the movement of different crypto-tokens between multiple blockchain networks.
  • The audit report further states that the source code does not have any issues leading to asset loss or data manipulations.
  • The report also affirms that the code is free from any issues that could potentially have a significant impact on contract execution or possibly restrict public access to crucial functions.
  • The smart contract was manually reviewed and analyzed with static analysis tools. The security engineers found no issues in the code.
  • We are committed to maintaining complete transparency, which includes keeping our community informed about our platform’s crucial details and particulars from time to time.

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