The Step By Step Guide to Token Bridging on TeraBlock

3 min readJul 5, 2022

The TeraBlock Bridge has facilitated cross-chain token movement on the TeraBlock platform while paving the way for future collaborations with next-gen projects in the blockchain space.

So far, TeraBlock’s cross-chain bridges have been used to bridge over 5 Billion tokens.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide for bridging tokens through the TeraBlock bridge.

Step 1


Step 2

Connect your digital wallet to the TeraBlock application.

Once your digital wallet is connected to TeraBlock, the application will gain the permission to “transact” on your behalf.

Step 3

Enter in transaction details

Proceed by selecting the desired token and the number of tokens you wish to bridge.

After entering in the number of tokens you wish to bridge, the application will automatically show you the number of tokens you will receive after bridging. This is the number of tokens you will receive after the deduction of the transaction fees.

Then, manually choose the source network from the drop-down list under the “From” network and the destination network from the drop-down list under “To”.

Step 4

Click on Approve Transaction

The second step will be to click on “approve transaction”. Think of this as putting your signatures on a cheque. Since TeraBlock is a non-custodial platform, it will require your approval to access your crypto in order to bridge it.

Note: This step might take some time as blockchain works by mining.

Step 5

Click on Deposit tokens

This step will allow your tokens to be deposited on the bridge.

Note: Everything on the blockchain is public. So if you wish to check the details about the transaction at any stage, you need to simply click on “transaction”, it will take you to bsc scan browser page, where you can check the status of your transaction.

Step 6

Click on “switch network” to Switch to the destination network

After the tokens are deposited on the bridge, the app will prompt you to approve switching to the destination network. Click on “Switch Network” to switch to the destination network.

Step 7

Click on Release tokens

Finish the bridging process by clicking on “Release tokens”.

Step 8

Put your wallet address on a block explorer to review the transaction.

You’re all done!

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