The Step By Step Guide to “Staking” on TeraBlock

4 min readJun 20, 2022


TeraBlock Staking comes with a unique rewards Mechanism. Earn rewards and optimize your holdings.

Stake your $TBC in our staking pools to earn payback rewards and platform discounts along with the flexibility to redeem your funds at any time.

When you stake with TeraBlock, you earn:

  • 25% of the total fees collected on the TeraBlock ecosystem are distributed back to the users as loyalty rewards; and
  • Discounts up to 40% on transaction fees throughout the TeraBlock ecosystem.

Read more about TeraBlock Rewards:

In this guide, we will take you through the different steps involved in staking your $TBC in TeraBlock’s staking pools. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to stake your $TBC in TeraBlock’s staking pools. It’s super easy to get started:

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Connect your wallet

Upon arriving at the page, you will be prompted to connect your wallet. The second step requires you to connect your wallet.

Step 3:

Select an “ongoing” pool

Choose an open or “ongoing” pool from the list of staking pools on the page.

Step 4:

Review the staking info

After you choose the pool in which you wish to stake, you will arrive at a page where you can review the details and information related to the staking pool.

Step 5 (Optional)

Calculate your fee discount

We’re giving out fee discounts on all transactions on the TeraBlock Ecosystem according to your staked amount. Calculate your discount eligibility by entering your “staked amount”.

This is an optional step. If you wish to calculate the fees discount applicable on your staked amount, enter the amount you wish to stake in the fees discount calculator and you will be able to view the fees discount applicable for the amount you wish to stake.

The users will be able to earn rewards in the form of discounts based on their total staked TBC amount according to the following structure:

Step 6

Input the amount that you wish to stake

Now proceed by entering the amount you want to stake

Step 7

Click on “stake”

After entering the desired amount, click on “stake”.

Step 8

Click on confirm to approve the transaction on your wallet

After clicking on stake, you will be prompted to the next step; to approve the transaction on your wallet.

Step 9

Click on confirm to approve the gas fee

Step 10

Next, Click on confirm again to give permission

Step 11

Now click on “confirm” again to activate rewards.

Step 12

After clicking on “confirm” in the last step, you will receive a notification for the successful completion of the staking process.

Step 13

You can refer to the staking overview at the bottom of the page to confirm and verify your stake.

We are committed to providing our users with simplified staking opportunities on a thoroughly decentralized platform. In line with our view of extending financial benefits to our community, we are looking at launching a number of staking opportunities in the coming months. TeraBlock Stake makes it super easy to optimize your holdings.

Get started today to explore the reward benefits:

Whether you have a question about our products, features, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Telegram Community Chat.

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