TeraBlock Newsletter - October 2021 at a Glance

November 2, 2021 — An action-packed month with the launch of TeraBlock’s native bridge as well as new exchange listings launches on the horizon.

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The Month that was:

With the prices of most assets surging and the market staying out of the red for the most part, October has been a month of resurrection for the global crypto market. Even for us at TeraBlock, October has been tremendous in many ways.

Exchange Listing on fmfw.io (Formerly bitcoin.com)

In our long-standing effort to find more transactional avenues for our token, we have effectively listed TBC on FMFW.IO from October 20th, 2021. With more trade listings on the horizon, we are about to kick off what we believe will be a truly exciting phase for our investors and early believers.

TBC Airdrop Giveaway

To celebrate our listings on leading centralized exchanges, we launched a massive airdrop giveaway campaign. More than 200,000 entries were received for phase 1 of the airdrop giveaway campaign and 130 participants shared a pool of 300,000 TBC tokens. Similar campaigns are in the pipeline for more exchange listings. Detailed announcements will be made in this regard.

TeraBlock Bridge

Our native TeraBlock bridge launched last month facilitates the convenient movement of TBC tokens from ETH to the BSC network. The launch of the bridge has proved to be a significant step in the direction of addressing the prolonged “scalability, stability, and speed” trilemma on the Ethereum network.

TBC Trading Contest

We have collaborated with our valued CEX partner FMFW.IO to host a massive trading contest with $20,000 worth of TBC to be won. The contest kicked off on October 21st, 2021, and will be on till November 5th.

Next steps on our development roadmap:

i) Multi-Chain and Multi-Asset Bridging Functionalities

The TeraBlock Bridge facilitates the convenient movement of TBC tokens from the ETH network to the BSC network through an intricate burn-and-mint process at the backend. With the launch of the TeraBlock bridge, we have been able to address the long-standing “scalability, stability, and speed” problem on the Ethereum network.

We are excited to announce that we will be adding new layers of utility to the TeraBlock Bridge with added functionalities for multi-token bridging and multi-chain interoperability. Users will soon be able to use the TeraBlock Bridge to move multiple tokens across multiple chains. The development on this is in the final stages and will be launched in November after extensive testing.

We are confident that adding new utilities to our Bridge will allow us to collaborate with other remunerative projects in the space, aligning us even closer to our goal of building a radically decentralized ecosystem.

ii) TeraBlock Co-Op Farming

As a part of TeraBlock’s cooperative farming project; “TBC Co-ops”, we are set to roll out cooperative farms on the BSC and Ethereum Networks. Our Cooperative farming initiative will allow investors to stake their TBC tokens in collective pools. The TBC Co-ops is in its final stages and the testing for the project is due to begin this month.

TeraBlock Farming lets you make the most of your holdings through a unique collective farming approach that allows a group of projects to build a combined token reward pool. Yield farming is a minimally risky way to earn more cryptocurrency by leveraging your existing holdings.

In addition to TeraBlock’s own farm, TeraBlock Co-ops will also provide projects with the flexibility to collaborate with other projects to form a common asset pool. We’re adding flexibility to farming for projects to create a single asset, dual-asset, or multi-asset farms.

Through TeraBlock Co-ops, we want to create combinations of different cryptocurrencies that collectively create secure and combined reward pools for traders. By combining different cryptocurrencies, the risks involved with crypto trading are significantly reduced.

iii) Airdrop -Phase 2

Our second CEX listing is scheduled for next week. After running a very successful airdrop campaign on fmfw.io, we are excited to initiate the second phase of the token giveaway.

iv) NFT Marketplace

In line with our mission of uncomplicating Crypto Trade for new users, we are also launching a thoroughly simplified NFT marketplace that will help users mint, display, and purchase NFTs easily. With “purchase” and “sale” of NFTs as the central features, the marketplace will also allow users to discover the work of upcoming creators around the world. The TeraBlock NFTs will have a huge upgrade from the current traditional NFT marketplaces with much-needed upgraded features to benefit our users. Our unique NFT offering will be shared in detail over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Gear Up For Exciting Times Ahead!

As we take the crucial next steps in our journey to become a comprehensive Crypto trading ecosystem, we are also focusing on creating a rousing marketing campaign to create awareness and recognition for our platform and token. Join our Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook channels to get timely updates about upcoming collaborations, product launches, contests, and listings.

October Crypto Market Flashback

Bitcoin — In an interesting upswing after a month of racy fluctuations, Bitcoin bounces back from correction to touch a high point of $67,000 in October. As investors and traders bet on the bullish sentiment, it would be exciting to watch how Bitcoin fares against the backdrop of the widely-anticipated US stimulus and increased mainstream-investor participation.

The widespread speculation about governments taxing capital gains from crypto trading has encouraged traders to take a long position on the asset. This has contributed to offsetting some volatility from the market while helping new investors in viewing bitcoin as a robust investment.

Many believe that the bitcoin comeback is attributed to the new crop of high-risk-taking investors. It is also believed that the asset is further likely to surge if the investor sentiment continues to remain strong.

Altcoins — Many altcoins gained from the bullish sentiment as Bitcoin raced towards what many are speculating to be the peak of its bull-run. However, others like Ethereum and Cardano saw a lull after having made huge gains in August and September.

Trending — With new NFT & Gaming-based Crypto projects launching every day, NFTs are emerging as a promising asset-class believed to define the future of art collection.

As per the statistics published by NFT data-tracker NonFungible, August 2021 proved a watershed month for NFT trade with sales nearing $900 million, making it the most crucial month ever for crypto-trade.

Whereas traders remain enthusiastic about the prospects of NFTs, skeptics see a bubble in this dynamic asset class, predicting a dip in the value once the hype dies down. Many experts also believe that the widespread adoption of NFT trade is also problematic as most sellers and traders use pseudonyms that can lead to frauds and scams.


Powered by the integration of shared virtual reality in games, social media, eCommerce applications, and other internet-based applications, metaverse-based tokens are on a massive rally after Facebook declared that it was one of the first metaverse companies and changed its name to Meta.

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