TeraBlock IDO — Frequently Asked Questions (IDO FAQ)

2 min readApr 29, 2021

Which wallet do I have to use to purchase tokens for the IDO?

You can use Trust Wallet or any BSC compatible wallet like Metamask.

Which source token must be used for the IDO?

You have to use BUSD as source token to purchase tokens during the IDO.

How do I enable BSC in Metamask?

You have to follow this procedure to enable BSC in Metamask.

Is there any requirement for the IDO?

BSCPAD IDO has 2 Rounds.

First Round will be for BSCPAD Token holders.
Depending on your BSCPAD holdings, you can purchase more tokens.

The Second Round is done only if there are tokens left from the First Round, and it will be a FCFS (first-come, first-served) round.

More info on BSCPAD Medium.

Is there any whitelist?

No, it is an open IDO, but you can only ensure your purchase if you access the First BSCPAD Round.

More info on BSCPAD Medium.

What is the link to the IDO on BSCPAD?

It will be available as soon as the IDO will be published on BSCPAD.

What is the TBC price for the IDO?

1 TBC = 0.05$

What is the contract address for TBC public sale?

The token contract address will be listed on our official website www.terablock.ai prior to the public sale.
Please do NOT send any tokens to any other contract addresses.




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