TeraBlock Bridge Smart Contract; Audit Report by Hacken

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Dear Community Members,

Hacken has completed the audit of the TeraBlock Bridge Smart contracts. Read on to know more.

At TeraBlock, our sustained vision has been to keep up with the dynamic DeFi space by developing purpose-built and utilitarian DeFi products. Smart contracts remain at the heart of all our endeavours as we diversify to create a radically decentralized crypto ecosystem. We take all possible measures to ensure a secure and self-subsistent trading ecosystem.

We have again collaborated with our long-term audit partner Hacken to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the smart contract that powers the TeraBlock Bridge.

Read on to know more about the findings of Hacken.

Hacken is the leading global provider of risk assessment and security solutions for projects in the crypto space. Leveraging the auditing expertise of our audit Partner Hacken, we can conclusively say that the TeraBlock Bridge is a thoroughly secured multi-chain token routing protocol that meets the highest standards of performance and security.

Smart Contract Audits

Incidents of smart contract exploits leading to trade-losses are exceedingly common in the crypto space.

Even seemingly minor vulnerabilities in the contract code can have highly adverse consequences. This presses upon the need for periodic smart contract audits to help concerned parties gain a deep understanding of the common and critical vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

Smart contracts are programmed to autonomously authorize the transfers of sizable amounts of funds and assets. Therefore, even a minor snag can cause significant losses. A contract audit is carried out to recognize the potential weaknesses in the contract and ensure that it provides an optimum level of performance.

A smart contract audit entails a detailed study of the contract code by tenured cybersecurity experts, including manual evaluations and running rigorous code tests that determine the strength and agility of the code.

Our Collaboration with Hacken

Founded in 2017 in Kyiv, Hacken is the collaborative effort of Ukrainian cybersecurity specialists and hackers to provide enterprise cyber protection solutions. Recognizing cyber security as a fundamental human right, Hacken has delivered comprehensive assessment reports and security solutions to leading businesses in the crypto-space. The company has also pioneered game-changing security assessment initiatives such as bug bounty programs, penetration testing, and more.

Hacken has been involved with us throughout the development lifecycle of our smart contracts. Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. Hacken Cybersecurity Services is a part of Hacken Group, including CER.live, HackenAI, and HackenProof. From June 2020, CER.live has been the unique cybersecurity data provider for CoinGecko Trust Score.

Other notable projects audited by Hacken include

  • OneLedger
  • Dao Maker
  • Kyber Network
  • VeChain

Code Review

After a thorough analysis of the contract code, the seasoned security experts at Hacken have deemed the contract to be “Well-Secured”. The smart contract meets the highest security standard on Hacken’s Security scale. The team performed comprehensive manual scans and automated checks using tools like Mythril and Slithe to identify common and specific loopholes in the contract.

  • After a thorough analysis, Hacken has determined the contracts to be “Well Secured” without any “critical”, “high”, or medium severity vulnerabilities.
  • The audit report further states that the source code does not have any issues leading to asset loss or data manipulations.
  • The report also affirms that the code is free from any issues that could potentially have a significant impact on contract execution or possibly restrict public access to crucial functions.
  • The smart contract was manually reviewed and analyzed with static analysis tools. The security engineers found no issues in the code.
  • We are committed to maintaining complete transparency, which includes keeping our community informed about our platform’s crucial details and particulars from time to time.

The successful completion of this audit marks a significant step in our long-standing effort to sustain mutual trust and synergy in the TeraBlock community.

About TeraBlock

TeraBlock is a diversified crypto ecosystem built to help users retain and optimize their holdings on a unified platform.

The TeraBlock ecosystem consists of a suite of DeFi instruments that allow users to invest, hold and exchange crypto assets in a safe and decentralized manner. TeraBlock is also engaged in developing a Trade Automation platform that will enable users to optimize their cryptocurrency holdings while navigating volatile markets.

Designed to safeguard the privacy and security of the users, the easy-to-access platform facilitates fund aggregation, yield optimization, and farming and staking protocols.

TeraBlock is relentlessly developing a simplified and versatile DeFi Ecosystem. The purpose-built DeFi products aim to provide users with a genuinely secure trading experience.

The native token “TeraBlock Token” TBC has shown remarkable agility even in a volatile market. Listed currently on major decentralized exchanges, the token will be used to earn rewards on the TeraBlock DeFi Platform.

Interested in Listing Your Token?

Visit: https://listings.terablock.com

Whether you have a question about our products or features, you can click on the link below to contact our team on our telegram handle. Telegram Community Chat.



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