Terablock and Moralis join hands in an overarching mission to accelerate Web3 Adoption

2 min readJun 22, 2022

We’re joining forces with Moralis to further our Defi vision!

Specifically, this strategic partnership will allow us to integrate Moralis Technology into our platform enabling us to streamline and strengthen our web3 ecosystem. The Moralis Technology will provide us with highly secure and accurate data feeds for all apps in the TeraBlock ecosystem.

Through this partnership, we wish to enhance our product offerings to aid in the adoption of blockchain technology while creating a simplified user experience for new Defi users. We strive to lower the barriers in Defi for novice investors and give them a consolidated and secure ecosystem for the management of their Defi assets.

Whereas on the one hand, the TeraBlock platform consists of high-performance and accessible Defi utilities, Moralis provides a fully managed backend infrastructure with powerful and robust APIs and SDKs to create a powerful “codeless” database.

The Moralis SDK & APIs will allow TeraBlock to:

- Manage users & portfolios

- Securely authenticate users

- Easily monitor user address(es), transactions, and tokens from different chains.

- Provide users with accurate & timely updated tokens prices.

- Support TeraBlock bridge(s) backend to watch lock and release transactions.

About Moralis

An important aspect of Moralis’s value proposition is that it allows platforms to develop full-stack & high-performance DApps with minimal coding. Moralis is an infinitely scalable Web3 development incubator that substantially reduces the time taken to create and launch Web3 projects.

Moralis simplifies the development and scaling of Web3 projects by cutting off all the complex coding that is a part of the development process. Moralis paves the way for building groundbreaking Dapps by providing a backend suite of high utility development tools.

About TeraBlock

TeraBlock is a diversified crypto ecosystem built to help users retain and optimize their holdings on a thoroughly secure Defi Ecosystem

TeraBlock and Moralis share the overarching mission to achieve the acceleration of mainstream Defi adoption. We wish to push the Web3 industry forward and ensure new users get access to optimize their assets.




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