TBC/BTC Pair to be Delisted on fmfw.io

At TeraBlock, we are continuously driven by our vision to build a transparent and non-restrictive trading ecosystem. We thank our community members for their unrelenting support to us in all our efforts. Throughout our journey, we have tried to keep the interest of our community at the center of all our initiatives.

In the true spirit of decentralisation, we have diligently solicited the opinions and ideas of our community members while making decisions related to our products. Our recent listing on fmfw.io has helped us provide our users with an added transactional avenue for our token. Our token TBC was effectively listed on fmfw.io from October 20th, 2021 in the trading pairs of TBC/USDT and TBC/BTC.

Yet again, we reached out to our community members to know their views on their preferred trading pair. As per the poll taken by the community, 78% of the users voted for TBC/USDT for trading 22% of the users voted in favor of both pairs, while 0% of users voted in favor of trading using the TBC/BTC pair.

Following the results of our poll, the TBC/BTC pair on fmfw.io will be delisted on 5 Nov at 11 am UTC.

Trading is active on TBC/USDT pair uninterrupted and will not be affected.

Over the past few months, our community has helped us identify structural snags in our processes, allowing us to make quick improvements without unwarranted delay. We are truly thankful for their enduring support at every step of our development roadmap.

We truly believe that our community is the heart and soul of our project. Staying committed to our values of transparency, inclusivity, and innovation, we continue to strive for an open and reciprocative community.

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