Staking TeraBlock with UniFarm on ETH

TeraBlock is delighted to announce its partnership with UniFarm to bring an exciting staking opportunity for all TBC holders. UniFarm is a DeFi protocol that offers an innovative farming approach allowing a group of projects to come together to create a combined reward pool.

TeraBlock will be a part of UniFarm’s Cohort 12 with four other projects. Users can stake TBC and earn tokens as a reward from all five projects in the cohort.

Cohort 12 Projects:

  • TeraBlock (TBC)
  • UniFarm (UFARM)
  • Netvrk (NTVRK)
  • StackOS (STACK)
  • Razor Network (RAZOR)

Their token holders can:

  • Stake one or more tokens from the member projects
  • Unstake their holdings at any point in the 3 months of its operational period
  • Get a minimum APY of 36% and a maximum APY of 250%

This UniFarm Pool will last for 3Months | 90 days

  • Total Reward Pool Size is $125k
  • Per project tokens worth $250k can be staked


Users will be able to farm all the tokens taking part in UniFarm on a week by week schedule.

For example, when you stake TBC tokens, you will earn,

  • Week 1: TBC tokens
  • Week 2: TBC + UFARM tokens
  • Week 3: TBC + UFARM + NTVRK tokens, and so on

Users can unstake anytime, however, unstaking will reset their clock back to zero.


First, you will need to acquire TBC before staking on UniFarm. Also, make sure to swap to the Ethereum chain if you acquired TBC on Binance Smart chain.

Buying TBC on Uniswap

1) Follow our guide on How to buy TBC on Uniswap using MetaMask.

2) Follow the guide below on How To Stake TBC on Unifarm

For TBC Holders on BSC (Binance Smart Chain, BEP-20)

1) Follow our guide on How to swap TBC from Binance Chain (BEP-20) to Ethereum Chain (ERC-20) by using ChainSwap.

2) Follow the guide below on How To Stake TBC on UniFarm

For TBC Holders on ETH (Ethereum Chain — ERC-20)

Follow the guide below.



Log into your MetaMask Wallet.


Open in your web browser and tap on launch App.


Connect your UniFarm app with MetaMask wallet.


Once your MetaMask wallet gets connected with UniFarm, then select TBC, UFARM, NTVRK, STACK, and RAZOR.

Select TBC token and enter the number of TBC tokens you want to farm as per the balance in your MetaMask wallet and tap on SHOW ME AVAILABLE POOLS.


Here you will get the breakup of the tokens you can earn up to 90 days over UniFarm once the contract will get locked. (The calculator will show you exactly how the earnings will go as you stay staked with time, this data is hidden here as it was dummy numbers at the time of writing).


After getting a break up of the tokens you can earn during this period, you need to approve this transaction by tapping STAKE NOW.

After approving the transaction, a new pop window will appear in your MetaMask wallet to confirm your spending over the UniFarm network and the fee required for the completion of the transaction.

Once you confirm the above step, a new window will appear which shows that your wallet interaction with UniFarm has been approved.

STEP 10:
Now you are good to go ahead with staking your tokens over UniFarm. Tap on STAKE, a new popup window will appear showing the required gas fee for the contract interaction.

Once you confirm the transaction your tokens get locked over UniFarm where you can unstake and claim your reward at any point of time.

Also, to stake another token, simply click on STAKE NEW, and follow the same process again.

You can stake more than one token in UniFarm and unstake and claim your rewards during any time of UniFarm Pool, which will last for 90 days.

Please note: Do ensure there is enough ETH in your Metamask account for gas fees.

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