Listing Announcement: TBC Gets Listed on FMFW.IO

Trading Pair Links:

In keeping with our effort to strengthen TBC by adding greater liquidity and utility, TBC will soon be listed on a series of category-leading centralized exchanges. The CEX listings will allow us to capitalize on the broad investor audience on these platforms, thereby aiding the mass adoption of TBC as a warrantable store of value.

We have been working relentlessly to provide our users with greater flexibility and choice while carrying out TBC transactions. The CEX listings are an important step towards our long-term objective of providing sustained value to our users. Previously listed on Pancake swap, TBC has shown remarkable agility even in a volatile market. The TBC token will get listed on 4 leading exchanges in a phased manner:

“As we check the various mileposts on our roadmap, we move closer to our vision of creating a robust and multi-utility cryptocurrency ecosystem. TBC will first be launched on on October 20th, 2021. The names of the other exchanges will also be announced soon”- Shivam Tandon (CEO, TeraBlock)

We strongly believe that the listings will help us reach out to mainstream investors rather than speculators which will add overall strength and stability to our project.

What’s in it for you?

  • Getting listed on notable CEX exchanges will ensure that our users get a wider choice with regards to features and fees, helping them make more viable TBC transactions.
  • Along with getting listed on category-leading CEXs, our team is also continuously working to create additional use cases for our token. With the collective effort of our team, we have been able to close these collaborations quickly as per our roadmap, without any unwarranted delay.
  • As per the plan charted on our roadmap, we are steadily moving in the direction of building a comprehensive trading ecosystem. Getting listed on major exchanges is an important step in that direction.
  • CEXs carry considerable weight by facilitating large volumes of daily transactions. Whereas the essential purpose of Blockchain is to bring about decentralization in the world of finance, centralized exchanges continue to retain a greater share of the global crypto trade.
  • Listing on these category-leading exchanges will also provide us with greater liquidity reducing volatility and resulting in a more stable price movement and a healthier chart.

About TeraBlock:

Dedicated to creating inroads for novice traders, TeraBlock has built a high-capacity trading platform that meets the dynamic needs of the contemporary crypto industry.

It is a transparent and diversified trading ecosystem built to help users retain and optimize their holdings in a secure environment. The platform offers Trade Automation as well as a range of DeFi instruments that allow users to invest, hold and exchange assets in a safe and decentralized manner.

Automated Trade Mechanism:

TeraBlock has developed an automated platform that uses intelligent algorithms to gauge market sentiment. The platform uses rapid-adjustment techniques and autonomously resorts to the most suitable trading strategies.

Powered by a robust prognostic mechanism that harnesses the power of predictive models like linear regression, artificial neural networks, and probability, the program is configured to constantly adapt to the dynamics of the crypto market.

Through the TeraBlock exchange, the users will be able to purchase crypto with any bank debit or credit card and easily manage their assets through trade automation.


TeraBlock is relentlessly developing a holistic decentralized ecosystem that enables yield farming through co-operative farms (Co-ops), staking, cross-chain multi-asset bridge as well as a vibrant NFT Marketplace.

The decentralized trading ecosystem will provide swift and secure transactions as well as liquidity pools to allow users to exchange and earn from their holdings.

Even though we continue to update our roadmap to meet the needs of the global crypto-scape, our stakeholders and community members will remain at the core of all our efforts.

Stay tuned for more announcements on upcoming partnerships and listings!







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