Letter from the TeraBlock CEO

3 min readAug 1, 2021


Dear TeraBlock Community,

As you know, the crypto space is fast-evolving amidst volatile market conditions, new tokens, and an unrelenting demand for agile trading platforms. From the onset, we have diligently adapted to this fast-paced environment to meet your needs.

TeraBlock is pivoting yet again and we are excited to provide you access to the decentralized ecosystem to reap the benefits of the latest wave of change. We thank you for your support and encouragement while we strive towards new developments and to meet the milestones on our road map.

Why Decentralized? Why Now?

Capitalizing on trends

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The advent of decentralization has stirred up a wave in the realm of finance. DeFi has facilitated a marked departure from the traditional centrally-controlled financial instruments towards a more equitable and open financial ecosystem.
  • Your Benefit: You will have easy access to this emerging trend. DeFi can be used to power the engines of economic growth around the world and possibly your own personal wealth.

Avoiding hacks

  • Chainswap: The latest disturbance with the cross-chain bridge project, Chainswap, was given effect by exploiting a bug in the quota code of the program. Even though TBC token holders on Binance Smart Chain were unaffected by this exploit, we have taken proactive measures to mitigate the possibility of such interruptions in the future.
  • Your benefit: A decentralized trading ecosystem lets you retain control over your assets, thereby eliminating the risks involved in entrusting the assets to a centralized exchange.

Alternative Solutions

  • The recent crackdown on peer-to-peer crypto transactions across various quarters has underscored the need for a robust and legally compliant trading portal. We are in the process of obtaining the required licenses to ensure that we comply with all statutory and regulatory norms of the jurisdictions that we operate in.
  • Your benefit: While there is a delay in our initial roadmap, we have not stopped innovating and will provide alternative solutions to you.

Products in the Horizon

Our commitment to you has been to provide the best solutions in the crypto ecosystem in an easy-to-use interface and a simple means of access. We are still committed to that journey and are excited to provide new products to our users.


The on- and cross-chain bridging solution that can swap tokens on the same chain and between the Ethereum and Binance chain.

  • Decentralized Exchange: Users can swap tokens and other digital assets directly with one another, removing the need for an intermediary to oversee the transaction or exercise any control over it


Make the most of your digital assets by tapping into compound growth in unique ways

  • Staking allows you to earn additional return on your staked asset.
  • Collective Farming allows you to stake one token to get rewarded from a combined reward pool.
  • Yield Farming allows you to generate returns from providing liquidity.

TeraBlockNFT Marketplace

  • Allows you to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Users can purchase all kinds of digital assets ranging from collectible artwork to music through a secure platform.

TeraBlock Trade Automation

  • Our flagship product has been to provide trade automation. Our goal is to provide the same level of trading ease and risk management in the decentralized ecosystem.

TeraBlockEDU Academy

  • Access educational material, videos, courses, and articles to get a more profound understanding of crypto trading, digital assets, and NFTs.

Taking the Helm

As you can see, we have a suite of products lined up to help you explore the decentralized ecosystem. Through these innovative offerings, we wish to create an open, transparent, and accessible ecosystem for digital asset trading.

TeraBlock is taking the helm of integrating smart technologies for trading and portfolio management into the decentralized ecosystem. With this vision, we continue to strive towards developing a reliable, decentralized platform that will allow our users to carry out safe and swift transactions.

👉 Detailed execution roadmap

We hope you enjoy our journey together.


Shivam Tandon
Founder and CEO TeraBlock




TeraBlock empowers you with the knowledge, tools and support to easily transition from a centralised (Web2.0) to a decentralised (Web3.0) economy. #timefordefi