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There is a chance that at least one in five of the last articles you read is about cryptocurrency. The tremendous growth of cryptocurrencies has stunned the world. Statistica reports that there are 101 million cryptocurrency users in the third quarter of 2020, which is stunning because there were just 5 million cryptocurrency users in 2016.

Holding cryptocurrency assets is a great way to store your wealth and investors are increasingly looking to add a bit of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, to diversify their portfolios and capture some of the potential upside of this new asset class.
Cryptocurrencies, however, can be difficult to grasp for new adopters and many ordinary investors — including how to establish a wallet and transfer tokens securely.

As a result, crypto asset management solutions are being created to help individuals and firms alike take advantage of crypto without having to worry about the ins and outs or technical procedures involved.
At TeraBlock we offer four pre-defined indexes based on total market cap, asset performance, project overview and statistical data. Users with just one click can view the real-time and historic trading data.

This product is the easiest way to manage assets with the help of trade automation and is most suitable for newcomers with no experience in cryptocurrencies and trading. Once an index is selected and confirmed by a user then our technology gets into action. It will buy all the assets as directed by the user and will continuously monitor the market. As soon as the market starts correction our intelligent trading engine will exit the pair in the base currency of the index and will wait for the market trend to change for it to buy-in. It is low-frequency trading and only trade when there is a change in market conditions.

Whether you have a question about our products, features, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Telegram Community Chat.

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