Here’s a look at the remarkable year that went by

As we celebrate one year since the launch of our IDO, we look back at all the frenzied developments that took us from dreams to reality.

We celebrate our 1 year anniversary and we want to extend a massive “thank you” to everyone who has been a part of our journey.

“Our community has been the driving force behind the numerous milestones that we have achieved in the past year. As we continue to strive in the direction of a truly decentralized financial ecosystem, we dedicate our growth and progress to our team, community members, and supporters.”

Shivam Tandon, Founder & CEO

Here are the highlights from the incredibly eventful year that went by:

We made Spiralling Progress on our DeFi Roadmap

The past year was one for the books! It was all about building the core infrastructure required to create a non-custodial, accessible, and secure DeFi ecosystem.

TeraBlock Bridge

We launched TeraBlock Bridge, our robust cross-chain token routing mechanism. Over 2 Billion tokens have been transacted on the TeraBlock Bridge within a short span of 4 months. The total transacted volume on the TeraBlock Bridge has surpassed $18.5 Million which has resulted in a buyback of over 5 Million TBC from the open market.

The TeraBlock bridge adds a whole new layer of functionality to the TeraBlock ecosystem by using multi-chain bridging technology to ensure the secure movement of tokens between multiple blockchains.

More than 2 billion tokens have been transferred on the TeraBlock bridge!

Transactions: 22,750.00
Unique Users: 7,195
Tokens Transferred: 2,391,767,853
Volume: $18,533,606.27

Half a MIllion TBC bought back from the market!

5,026,007 TBC Tokens were bought back from the market from the fees collected through Bridge transactions.

TeraBlock Earn

We launched our non-custodial passive-earning DeFi protocol TeraBlock Earn. Built with a central focus on newbies, TeraBlock Earn provides users with the simplest way to earn through cryptocurrency investments. We launched two massively successful staking pools that were received by our community with overwhelming enthusiasm.

TeraBlock TBC Staking Pool ONE

TBC Staking Pools ONE and TWO were the first in a series of staking pools to go live under the TeraBlock Earn Protocol. Staking started on 22/04/2022 at 15:00hrs UTC and the first staking pool reached its saturation limit of 10,000,000 TBC in less than one hour!

TeraBlock TBC Staking Pool TWO

Subsequently, we launched our second staking pool TBC Staking Pool TWO on 27/04/2022 which also had a 10,000,000 TBC limit which got 100% filled in less than 3 hours!

We are extremely thankful to our community for helping us achieve these important milestones. The success of our first two staking pools has motivated us to create more remunerative staking opportunities for our community members.

We will be launching the TeraBlock Staking Pool THREE on 30th May, 2022 at 10am UTC. A detailed announcement regarding the Pool launch will be made soon.

TeraBlock Rewards

The users stand to earn rewards in addition to the APY (annual percentage yield) accrued from staking their holdings in TeraBlock’s TBC pools. TeraBlock offers multiple rewards to incentivize community members to acquire and retain TBC.

TeraBlock rewards users by redistributing 25% of the total transaction fees collected on its ecosystem along with providing discounts as high as 40% on transaction fees on all utilities across the TeraBlock ecosystem.

TeraBlock X Splinterlands; We collaborated with the world’s no.1 Dapp

We partnered with the leading blockchain game and the world’s no.1 Dapp to facilitate simplified token bridging on the gaming platform. We integrated a total of 6 bridges on Splinterlands to allow users to move their SPS and DEC tokens between different blockchains. TeraBlock Bridge also became one of the first bridges to support HIVE Blockchain.

We Partnered with Global Security Experts Hacken

Capitalizing on the auditing expertise of our audit Partner Hacken, we are committed to ensuring that our smart contracts meet the highest standards of performance and security.

In line with our vision of providing sustained value to users, and with the support of our Audit Partner Hacken we conducted audits for the smart contracts powering our token bridge. After a thorough analysis of the contract code, the seasoned security experts at Hacken deemed the contract to be “Well-Secured” and found it to meet “the highest security standard on Hacken’s Security scale”.

Exchange listings: In the past year, TBC got listed on PancakeSwap, HitBTC, and

In line with our effort to add greater utilities to our token, we listed TBC on PancakeSwap,, and HitBTC. We are relentlessly working to provide sustained value to our users by strengthening the token that powers our ecosystem. Listing on multiple exchanges allowed us to benefit from the broad investor audience on the platforms.

The listings helped TBC reach out to mainstream investors, thereby adding strength and stability to the entire project.

We kick-started TeraBlock’s first-ever Ambassador Program

We also launched the TeraBlock Ambassador Program (TAP), our latest community initiative to drive the awareness and adoption of our DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem. Our community has always been at the heart of all our endeavours. The TeraBlock Ambassador program has been designed to enable our dedicated members to serve as our brand advocates within their social circles.

Our ambassadors get priority access to our products, offerings, and giveaways, along with the opportunity to get deeply involved in our day-to-day operations. We received an overwhelming number of applications for TAP and selected highly motivated individuals from around the world to help us expand our reach in communities worldwide.

We successfully concluded the IDO’s private sale and seed sale distributions for TBC

The completion of the token distribution for seed and private investors marks an important milepost in the timeline of our roadmap. Completing the token distribution will contribute to consolidating an agile price point for TBC.

This is expected to reduce the overall liquid supply of TBC tokens. Less circulation will mean lesser selling pressure and thereby a more stable and stronger price point for the TBC token.

We built a highly adaptable team

Last year, we were engaged in scaling our operations to make our DeFi ecosystem more utilitarian and accessible. We welcomed new members to bolster our effort and support our continued growth. Over the past year, we added skilled and resourceful professionals, industry veterans, and specialists in all divisions of the business from Technology to HR and from Design to Marketing and Sales.

We’re genuinely excited about what the future holds and our thriving team is just another example of how we plan to remain at the forefront of DeFi innovation!

TeraBlock is growing every day. Please help us spread the news on Twitter and other social media platforms.




Diversified one-stop Decentralised Finance (DeFi) gateway to enable the masses to benefit from the crypto revolution.

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Diversified one-stop Decentralised Finance (DeFi) gateway to enable the masses to benefit from the crypto revolution.

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