Countdown to the 4th $TBC staking pool!

3 min readOct 29, 2022

Didn’t get the chance to stake in our first three staking pools? We’re coming up with another one, launching on November 1st, 2022, at 17 hrs (UTC) with a lot of rewards to be earned!

A sneak-peak into our 4th $TBC staking pool:

Like the first three staking pools, our 4th staking pool is powered by TeraBlock’s native token $TBC, and offers additional rewards that include discounts on the TeraBlock ecosystem as well as payback rewards. Catch more details about our upcoming staking pool here:

-| Type: Non-Custodial

-| Pool size: 10,000,000 TBC

-| Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

-| Staking period: 12 Months

Why you should stake in TeraBlock’s staking pool FOUR?

  • Navigate market downturns:

Staking can be a great way to weather a crisis-ridden bear market. Although staking may not seem to be a popular strategy to adopt in a bear market, the one-time capital cost needed to reach the staking threshold is going to be a lot lower than in a bull market when cryptocurrencies are at their all-time high rates. By locking your crypto for a set amount of time, you can continue to make consistent small gains while generating passive income.

  • Receive more tokens without buying new ones.

With staking you can get your tokens to work for you on the blockchain instead of lying idle in your wallet.

Our First Three Staking Pools:

TeraBlock aims at providing a unified gateway to DeFi protocols. The TeraBlock ecosystem consists of a suite of DeFi instruments that allow users to invest, hold and exchange crypto assets in a safe and decentralized manner. TeraBlock has already launched a series of high-yield staking pools that are suitable for both beginners and mainstream investors.

Staking enables users to earn reliable returns simply by locking their TBC in the staking pools. TBC holders can use TeraBlock staking to put their tokens to work and earn passive income.

The first trustless and non-custodial TBC Staking pool was launched on April 22nd, 2022, under the “TeraBlock Earn” Protocol. The pool was launched on the Binance Smart Chain network with a pool size of 10,000,000 TBC. The pool reached its saturation limit within an hour of the launch. This overwhelming response and demand from the community led to the launch of the second and third staking pools.

Furthermore, the platform is seeking to promote the widespread adoption of decentralized finance and believes that one shouldn’t have to be a seasoned crypto trader to grow their portfolio. Hence, the platform incentivizes everyone to acquire and hold TBC.

$TBC Staking pool Four Rewards:

  • TBC stakers earn rewards in the form of TBC Fees Payback as well as a Fee Discount based on their staked deposit, redeemable at the end of staking the period.
  • TBC stakers receive a pro-rata share of the fees generated across the entire TeraBlock ecosystem as loyalty rewards.
  • TBC stakers get a fee discount of up to 40% across the TeraBlock ecosystem depending on their staked deposit.

Aiding the adoption of Defi:

TeraBlock is bypassing the norms of centralized finance and approaching the new world of decentralization by enabling its users to access services that were difficult to achieve in a centralized structure.

Apart from this, TeraBlock does not charge any staking fees. Users are required to pay only the gas fees of the network while staking and unstaking their $TBC tokens.




TeraBlock empowers you with the knowledge, tools and support to easily transition from a centralised (Web2.0) to a decentralised (Web3.0) economy. #timefordefi