A Flashback from the month of March

Join us as we continue to persist in our long-term vision of building a clutter-breaking (yet beginner-friendly) DeFi ecosystem.

Providing our users with seamless access to liquidity across different chains and protocols will be a vital aspect of the next phase of our DeFi roadmap.

We also feel incredibly excited to collaborate with disruptive projects and partners as we continue to build the #DeFiHub.

Token Distribution Completed

The seed and the private investors’ distribution of TBC tokens finished with the last distribution on 2nd April 2022. The overall monthly token distribution will be substantially reduced moving forward.

Increased demand for our products and a reduction in the monthly distributed tokens will reduce the overall liquid supply of TBC tokens, which will provide more stable growth for TBC.

Circulating Supply: 122,018,000 TBC

Please find more information on vesting on our Github.

Building a Go-to hub for DeFi Transactions

We are building secure and structured DeFi protocols that make it exceedingly simple even for beginners to participate in the global DeFi revolution. Today, we’re genuinely excited to be much further along on this incredible journey.

After launching an innovative multi-chain token bridge that fills the gaps between siloed blockchain infrastructures, we are about to roll out a user-driven staking protocol that seeks to rectify the problems in legacy finance and not to mention the geographical restrictions in accessing financial products.

We are working to build a radically transparent and inclusive ecosystem that thrives on decentralization, one without intermediaries as gatekeepers and one that is accessible anywhere. The idea is to give users a quicker, more flexible and accessible investment platform with APYs unmatched by the yields accrued through traditional finance.

Next Up: TeraBlock Earn

Built with a central focus on newbies, the upcoming TeraBlock Earn will provide the simplest way to manage and earn through cryptocurrency investments.

TeraBlock Earn will allow users to earn a passive income simply by staking their tokens on our trustless and non-custodial staking platform.

We plan to bring together the most promising projects in the crypto space to create secure reward pools for investors.

With attractive yields on offer, flexible lock-up terms, and many supported tokens, TeraBlock Earn seeks to become a preferred platform for high stake rewards.

The First TeraBlock Earn Staking pool for TBC is going live on 22/04/2022 at 16:00hrs UTC.

Next Up: TeraBlock Rewards

We are incredibly excited to announce TeraBlock Rewards Program, our unique rewards mechanism to incentivize our users for acquiring and staking TBC.

As we scale up our DeFi ecosystem in 2022, we want to provide our users with simple ways to earn rewards through simplified staking. We believe that one shouldn’t have to be a seasoned crypto trader to grow their portfolio.

We have designed our staking protocol keeping in mind the needs of our community. Unlike regular staking, the TeraBlock staking is designed to offer multiple benefits to our users. Stakers can earn more TBC tokens by staking TBC tokens on the TeraBlock Ecosystem with our dual rewards mechanism. On top of this, TBC stakers also enjoy up to 40% discounts on fees when interacting with the TeraBlock Ecosystem.

Become a partner in our growth

We’re thrilled to announce the TeraBlock Ambassador Program, our latest community initiative to drive the awareness and adoption of our DeFi ecosystem while helping our ambassadors create a steady income stream for themselves.

Our community has always been a vital part of all our activities. The TeraBlock Ambassador program enables our dedicated community members to serve as our brand advocates within their social circles.

Our ambassadors would get priority access to our products, offerings, and giveaways, along with the opportunity to get deeply involved in our day-to-day operations.

What it takes to become an Ambassador

  • We champion multidisciplinarians who have demonstrated experience working on projects in the blockchain space and have a passion for everything related to crypto.
  • We strongly emphasize diversity for our ambassador program as we seek to expand our reach in communities worldwide.
  • The TeraBlock Ambassador Program aims to engage our community of thinkers, learners, content creators, creative heads, and problem-solvers at the core of our ecosystem.
  • We’re looking for motivated and curious individuals from around the globe who are passionate about decentralization, challenging the status quo, and equalizing access to data for all.

Apply Now

Creating a reliable channel for customer support

We have created a dedicated omnichannel customer service platform with a combination of chat support and a support help desk to resolve user queries swiftly and efficiently.

The volume of customer queries has decreased substantially over the past week since the launch of the TeraBlock bridge, mainly because of the quick and responsive management of user complaints on TeraBlock’s customer support channel.

Official Support Email: support@terablock.com

Splinterlands’ in-game TeraBlock Bridge update!

Splinterlands’ players have been using the TeraBlock Bridge extension to transfer SPS and DEC tokens to and from the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and HIVE networks.

3,575,133 TBC Tokens were bought back from the market from the fees collected through Bridge transactions.

TeraBlock Bridge Statistics since launch

SPS: 39,778,026.20
DEC: 1,339,324,213.49

Transactions: 13,631

Unique Users: 5,147
Tokens Transferred: 1,379,102,239.69
Volume: $7,584,699.69

Setting the scene for many more successful collaborations

The TeraBlock Bridge is a secure and decentralized token bridge that facilitates the swift exchange of the in-game tokens, DEC and SPS, between different blockchain networks on the Splinterlands gaming platform. Powered by a robust smart contract at the backend, the bridge has been deemed reliable and secure.

Benefits of the TeraBlock Bridge on Splinterlands

Customer Support
The TeraBlock bridge solution has added 24/7 customer support to handhold users through the bridge transfers.

Multichain Solution
Our customised solution supports multiple blockchains from one unified interface. Splinterlands players are using the TeraBlock Bridge to route their DEC and SPS tokens between Etherem, BSC and HIVE blockchains.

Splinterlands to focus on their core product
Leveraging on TeraBlock’s innovative capabilities to build utilitarian DeFi solutions has allowed Splinterlands to focus on its core gaming products and provide an improved overall gaming experience.

Community Rewards

TeraBlock will be rewarding Splinterlands’ users by redistributing 25% of the total transaction fees collected on its platform. And users can also avail of up to a 40% transaction fees discount on all TeraBlock products, including the TeraBlock bridge extension. This encourages users to stake the TBC reducing the circulating supply in the market.

Shout Out

Join us in welcoming our new Human Resource Manager Neha Kalra

We feel excited to announce that Neha has joined as HR Manager. She is SHRM certified with 7+ years of experience developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy. She is good at bridging management and employee relations.

We are hiring!

TeraBlock is Hiring! With the expansion of our ecosystem, we are looking to expand our team too. We’re looking for exceptionally zesty individuals to join our team.

We are a global team and have team members from across the globe, and it doesn’t matter where you’re based. If you’re crazy about blockchain and DeFi, we would like to hear from you. Please reach out to us at hr@terablock.com | Open Positions

How You Can Contribute

TeraBlock Ambassador Program

Become an integral part of the team by joining TeraBlock Ambassador Program to drive the awareness and adoption of our DeFi ecosystem while creating a steady income stream.

Bridge Partnerships

With the launch of TeraBlock Bridge, we’re excited to integrate one of the biggest P2E Blockchain games onto our Bridge. We are now actively onboarding projects and adding multiple blockchains and assets to our platform.

Onboarding projects onto the Bridge is entirely free and straightforward.

We’re always happy to get introductions to projects looking to integrate bridges. It will help us scale and expand our ecosystem. Please reach out to us at partnerships@terablock.com.

Participate in Social Media

TeraBlock is growing every day. Please help us spread the news on Twitter and other social media platforms.

How to Get TBC

For those of you who are as excited as we are about the future of TeraBlock and the TBC token, in particular, you can pick some up on PancakeSwap (BSC / BEP-20) and HitBTC.

Buy on Pancakeswap
Buy on HitBTC

We’re working relentlessly to build the most accessible non-custodial Crypto Ecosystem and DeFi Experience, and it wouldn’t happen without the support from our community, advisors, partners, and investors.

Once again, we would like to thank you on behalf of the entire team at TeraBlock for your continuous support in all of our efforts.

Best regards,

Muhammad Ali
Chief Commercial Officer — TeraBlock
Email | LinkedIn




Diversified one-stop Decentralised Finance (DeFi) gateway to enable the masses to benefit from the crypto revolution.https://terablock.com

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Diversified one-stop Decentralised Finance (DeFi) gateway to enable the masses to benefit from the crypto revolution.https://terablock.com

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