A Flashback from the month of March

Token Distribution Completed

Building a Go-to hub for DeFi Transactions

Next Up: TeraBlock Earn

Next Up: TeraBlock Rewards

Become a partner in our growth

What it takes to become an Ambassador

  • We champion multidisciplinarians who have demonstrated experience working on projects in the blockchain space and have a passion for everything related to crypto.
  • We strongly emphasize diversity for our ambassador program as we seek to expand our reach in communities worldwide.
  • The TeraBlock Ambassador Program aims to engage our community of thinkers, learners, content creators, creative heads, and problem-solvers at the core of our ecosystem.
  • We’re looking for motivated and curious individuals from around the globe who are passionate about decentralization, challenging the status quo, and equalizing access to data for all.

Creating a reliable channel for customer support

Splinterlands’ in-game TeraBlock Bridge update!

Setting the scene for many more successful collaborations

Shout Out

Join us in welcoming our new Human Resource Manager Neha Kalra

How You Can Contribute

How to Get TBC



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